Cedarburg Wisconsin Attractions

Since 1859, the Ozaukee County Fair has offered a wide range of activities for children and adults ages 5 and older. The festival attracts tens of thousands of people to downtown Cedarburg to eat strawberry cake, play games, dance and much more.

The Ozaukee County Fair, the largest of its kind in the United States, will be open to the public from July 1 to 5, 2016.

A little closer to Cedarburg is the Lion's Den Gorge nature reserve, which has a beautiful trail system that leads to a wonderful view of Lake Michigan, with segments that cut through the gorge, along the microstream to the beach and lake. The southern end of the trail is the Oak Leaf Trail, which connects Bradley Road and Brown Deer, and its northern end is just a few blocks from the Cedar Creek Winery at the southern end. On warm days, you should definitely visit the cosy courtyard of the Amboss, with views of the waterfall and the cedar stream. On the northern edge of the Löwensee lies directly on this lake, which is ideal for an afternoon.

In Cedarburg, ten kilometres north of Grafton, there is a living museum with 15 buildings built between 1840 and 1907, including furnished houses, barns and outbuildings. The museum is maintained by the Community Center, a community center that offers frequently changing exhibitions, live performances and a performing arts space that regularly hosts music, theater and educational programs. The General Store Museum is also located in this building, which houses a collection of more than 1,000 items from the local community. Located on Washington Avenue, the Cedarberg Cultural Center offers art classes and hosts a variety of cultural events including concerts, art shows, workshops and lectures, as well as live performances.

The Ozaukee County Historical Society promotes the rich Ozaukee heritage at the Hazel Wirth Archive Center in Cedarburg. The Ozauga County Historical Society organizes events and exhibitions as well as educational programs for children and adults.

Located just outside town on Highway 60, just blocks from the Ozaukee County Courthouse, this spacious tap room offers a variety of beers, many of which are brewed locally. You will be spoiled in the well-equipped tasting room of the brewery Cedarburg. The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, which has been on a farm since the 1850s, opened in 2001 and houses a collection of over 8,000 artworks.

Very rustic, this 100 year old barn is located on 54 hectares, with a large pond and beautiful landscape. This suburban community in the Milwaukee metropolitan area is home to the Cedarburg Public Library, the only public library in Milwaukee County. Located just outside the city on Highway 60, just blocks from the Ozaukee County Courthouse, the hotel is just blocks from Lake Michigan and the Wisconsin State Fair.

This attractive location for those who love nature is made even more attractive by the beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the Wisconsin State Fair and the lakeside.

Whether you choose to live in a small town, rural area or big city, here in Ozaukee County you can enjoy the pace of life. Whether you are an entrepreneur, entrepreneur and / or a family man or woman with an interest in nature, Ozauga County has always been well-informed, as it is home to some of the most beautiful views of Lake Michigan, the Wisconsin State Fair and the lakeside.

In Cedarburg there is a beautiful river path that provides a good connection to the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, which starts at the end of the Milwaukee Oak Leaf Trail and leads to Port Washington, through Cedarberg. It is paved for 30's and offers a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior from the shore, as well as the lakefront.

Note: Green Bay Road is best accessed from the bar parking lot over the Northwest Bridge, but please note that there is no good access from GreenBay Road northwest of the bridge.

If you'd rather, you can browse through the Cedar Creek Settlement in the former Cedarburg Woolen Mills, which has about 30 unique shops. In the store you will find some of our favorite places to buy handmade items.

The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, which promotes the creation, education and preservation of fiber art. The Cedar Creek Settlement, a small town in the southern part of Cedarburg, was founded in 1881 to use the Milwaukee River and has been a commercial center ever since. In the 1920s, when it was purchased by the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company, the company ran an office and a store in Cedarberg. This utility was the first municipal electric utility in Wisconsin and is still active today.

From Belgium to Mequon, Port Washington to Freistadt, Ozaukee County has more than a dozen historic sites and treasures to explore. The first stop for visitors may be the Cedarburg Visitor Center, located in the southern part of the city, just blocks from the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts.

More About Cedarburg

More About Cedarburg