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In a previous post, I introduced you to the Cedarburg Museum of Art, one of the largest and most important museums in the state of Wisconsin. In this post I will introduce a quilt of Crocodylus Smylus, which had its premiere last year at the Wisconsin State Fair in Madison. It was the first exhibition of its kind in Wisconsin, and I was lucky enough to present it at its premiere in Cedarberg.

While the museum is temporarily closed for personal visits, it offers online special holiday events, including family Sundays and museum sales Sundays. This picturesque museum is a functioning ice cream parlour and candy store and houses a rotating exhibition of works by local artists, artists from all over the state of Wisconsin and around the world. There is a versatile gallery that displays works by Wisconsin painters and sculptors, such as Robert Rauschenberg, John Singer Sargent, David Hockney, Paul Gauguin and many others.

Visit the church on October 13 and 14, enjoy the handovers, be entertained by exceptional live music and complete your leisure. German beer garden, where you can dance every first Saturday of the month and enjoy a free drink with friends and family.

After the ice cream, stroll through the museum's collection of more than 100,000 fiber art pieces. The specialised collection includes rotating exhibits that express the importance of history and fibre art, while presenting a wide range of past, present and future artworks, as well as historical and contemporary works. In addition, 45 artists will open their studios for guided tours on 12 and 14 October, where leaf watchers and art lovers can view their works. More than 1500 pieces from all over the world, some dating back to 1700, hang in this extensive farm museum.

The restored wool mill from 1864 is worth a visit, and museum guides round off the tour. With a collection of more than 100,000 pieces of wool and wool art, the home offers a rare glimpse into the lives of one of Wisconsin's most influential and influential families.

With its well-preserved downtown district, historic buildings and beautiful parks, Cedarburg is a wonderful place to spend a day or weekend of your life. Whether you are a tourist or a resident of one of the many small towns in Ozaukee County, there is everything you need. From Belgium to Mequon, Port Washington to Freistadt, we have more than a dozen historic sites and treasures to discover for you. Surround yourself with the culture and history of these cities.

In these beautiful cities there are so many opportunities to do just that, and interesting courses and special events provide good reasons to visit these historic cities. Read on to learn how to plan and discover the things that make these cities so special. Take home an original creation created by one of the many local artists, craftsmen and artists of Cedarburg. Just like a great work of art, discovering the past can lead to discovering your past.

This exhibition celebrates the work of Wisconsin artists and encourages visitors to understand furniture and its function and to explore material forms. The show is on view at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts and is open to the public from July 1 to October 31.

This exhibition was made possible by the Milwaukee Art Museum's Visionaries, which also includes the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Sheldon B. Miller, Marianne E. Schmitt, Sue Burdick, and Bud Schulz. Supporters include Candee's Coffee, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for the Arts and the University of Milwaukee School of Art and Design.

In addition to the Quadracci Pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava, which hosts three special exhibitions annually, the campus includes the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center designed by Eero Saarinen and the David Kahler designed the extension of the Center for the Arts at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Art and Design. The Ozaukee County Historical Society promotes the rich Ozauga heritage through the Hazel Wirth Archive Center in Cedarburg. It features a rotating history exhibition, a functioning ice cream parlour and rotating exhibitions on the history of local history and culture, as well as rotating history and exhibit exhibitions on art, architecture, history, education and art.

The Historical Museum Cedarburg is located in the historic Hilgen Schröder mill with granary, built in 1846, in a historic building on the west side of the city. The museum's gift shop is full of handmade gifts, and a restored barn dating back to 1850 houses a rotating exhibition on local history and exhibitions on art, architecture, education and art. A first stop for visitors is perhaps the Cedarberg Visitor Centre, which is hidden in an old farmhouse next to the Museum of the Ozaukee County Historical Society. It is doing everything in its power to preserve artifacts from the region and tell the story of our past.

More About Cedarburg

More About Cedarburg