Cedarburg Wisconsin Restaurants

Ozaukee County has more restaurants than any other county in Wisconsin, with more than 1,000. These local restaurants offer a menu that meets the tastes and budgets of their guests.

Customer favourites include beef fillet shake, pork belly, beef breast and pork ribs, but the choice is almost endless. The list includes the last restaurant not on the list, the Green Bay Roadhouse on the corner of W. Main Street and State Street in Madison.

Here's your chance to bring your neighbors to the north with us at your dining table, here's a list of the best restaurants in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Visit our Facebook page for updated accounts and ways to support local businesses, and for more information.

With traditional treats and small plates that rank among the top restaurants in Milwaukee, Cheel Cheels wraps a spice - a flavored wallop that offers a unique blend of flavors from the Himalayas and the Rockies. The flavour profiles of Burmese and Tibetan culture blend with the historic and famous trade routes of Kathmandu. Our menu includes both Tibetan and Rocky Mountain flavors, and includes a variety of local ingredients as well as traditional dishes from around the world.

The seductive flavors that waft from the cafe, also located in the Cedar Creek Settlement, make it hard to resist. Steaks, fish, ribs and chicken are prepared on a matchbox - an open grill that is visible and smells good while waiting for the table. If you're looking for a real meal to fill your stomach before you head out for dessert, gourmet sandwiches are as great as the meaty grilled choices.

This casual restaurant adds to the aseptic quality of Cedarburg with an old-fashioned look inside. Opened in 2001, the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is housed in an 1850s farm and houses a collection of over 8,000 artworks. The building also houses the General Store Museum, which houses a variety of historical and artifact artefacts from around the country, as well as the Cedar Creek Museum. This library offers visitors a wide range of books on Wisconsin history, science, art, history and history.

The Center for the Performing Arts is a 580-seat theater connected to Cedarburg High School, which offers a number of guest artists. Opened in 1936, Rivoli's is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and the only restaurant with a full service restaurant.

Morton's Tavern is appreciated by locals as a place for drinks and good food. Formerly Barrington's, the space was transformed years ago into a more modern bar and grill serving a wide range of food and drinks as well as live music. Craft beers are produced locally and the Tasting Room offers over twenty draft beers and a menu of hot togs, pizzas and wings.

Tasting glass bottle batch is the motto, where you can taste before buying in the tasting bar and then come back to the bottle for a UVin course or a course, then a vinter is planned. They offer a wide selection of wine and beer, themed gifts, and a selection of wines and beers for sale.

This family-run gourmet restaurant will rip you off your feet with the delicious Crab Rangoon bites that everyone knows and loves. Out has always been about eating well and eating locally, and they do it well, with a wide selection of local and local food - style.

HMH offers you the opportunity to enjoy the locally sourced and prepared original dishes responsibly and with unparalleled service. With a wide selection of local and local dishes - style, as well as a full bar, you will know you will enjoy Stilzenhaus.

There is an outdoor fireplace where you can gather to enjoy views of the harbor and Rotary Park. The rooms and suites are equipped with wireless charging ports and a bar with a selection of wines and beers.

Fermentorium is an artisanal brewery located in the heart of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, just a short drive from downtown. A must if you spend the day in the historic stone wool mill from 1864, which has been converted into a shop and restaurant.

Housed in a charmingly rustic, refined, antique farmhouse, the agriturismo offers a variety of delicious dishes, such as the black Angus, a variation of the old and the ordinary, sometimes producing an exceptional dish. The hotel houses the charming smoothie bar and café, where healthy, healthy - that is, not overly flavored - foods are served.

The Cedarburg Cultural Center on Washington Avenue offers art classes and hosts a variety of cultural events, including concerts, art exhibitions and cultural festivals. Located in a historic building on the corner of Washington and Cedar Streets, just blocks from downtown, it houses temporary exhibitions curated by local artists as well as exhibitions by artists from around the world. In addition to events for children and adults, the fire station also hosts live performances, concerts and other events.

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More About Cedarburg