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The annual event features a diverse mix of local, regional and national artists, craftsmen, musicians and musicians, including local and international artists and artists from around the world. Art history, in turn, merges with the history of the city of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and its history as a city in the United States.

Major events are held there throughout the weekend, such as a wool mill built in 1864 that has been converted into a shopping centre. Music and festivities are centralized in the Cedarburg Community Center, the city's largest public art museum. The winter festival takes place every year on the second weekend in February and offers a variety of music, art, food, crafts, camp beds and other activities.

If you prefer, you can browse through about 30 unique shops in the Cedar Creek Settlement, which is located in the former Cedarburg Woolen Mills. Many more are located along Washington Avenue, including a variety of clothing and accessories stores, as well as a number of restaurants and bars. The variety shops offer a wide range of products such as clothing, accessories, furniture, jewelry and home accessories. In the shops you will find some of my favorite places to buy handmade items and some great food and drinks.

Sal's, on the corner of Washington Avenue and Cedar Creek Road in Cedarburg, also serves pizza to guests "liking.

Located just outside the city on Highway 60, this spacious tap room features more than 100 beers, many of which are brewed locally, as well as a full bar. Cedarburg Mill on Columbia Avenue offers a selection of beers brewed by local breweries, including the Green Bay Brewing Company and the Green Bay Brewing Company. The Wisconsin Brewing Co. Delicious treats are brewed in the well-equipped tasting room and you have access to a wide selection of beers and wines from local and national breweries.

The former mill, now called Cedar Creek Settlement, remains a busy commercial community, but it has been replaced by a winery and festival where Cabernet Sauvignon shares space with 10,000 works of art. Shopping carts make their way through the city and take shoppers to local restaurants, shops and other local shops, as well as to the Cedarburg mill. The mill was built in 1865 and is today one of the oldest commercial buildings in the city. This building was originally built to make brews for the Wisconsin Brewing Company and Green Bay Brewing Co.

Our favorite places to discover unique finds include local gift-making manufacturers and lilies, where buyers can find a wide selection of handmade items by local artists and artisans, such as ceramics.

It is popular and is located directly opposite the Cedar Creek Settlement and hosts a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and other local shops. It is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with friends or family or just for an evening out.

We had a great burger and onion rings here and of course the menu included all the fish dishes you would expect in Wisconsin. We drove on a whim and stayed in Cedarburg, which picked up our brochure near the Wisconsin border.

One of the oldest buildings on Washington Avenue is housed in the former home of one of Wisconsin's oldest grocery stores, Christensen's Grocery. It contains thousands of items collected by the late Roger C. Christensen in memory of his father's grocery store in Green Bay. There's nothing wrong with the well-executed food at this Cedarburg staple, housed in a restored 19th-century forge overlooking the Cedar Creek waterfall.

He built the Cedarburg Mill in 1855 for 22,000 dollars and the house was built for his wife Elizabeth, whom he married in 1895.

Today Cedarburg has a population of about 2,000 people and is home to a variety of shops, restaurants and other shops. My good friend Beverly lives in Cedarberg and we love exploring the variety of shops on Washington Street on our own. Many of our visits included a visit to the many shops that line our main street. A great time to shop is the summer months, with many annual festivals, including the annual Christmas Market, the Wisconsin State Fair and many other events.

Although you can find clothes in different places, it is always a pleasure to browse through the many different styles of clothing in the area of Cedarburg, especially the clothing shops. Some of the brands we've seen off the shelf are: American Apparel, American Eagle Outfitters, Dillard's,

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