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K State is an elite school at the highest level, so I couldn't miss this opportunity and want to go to this school. They have a great coaching staff, the guys at K-State are great teammates, they're there for me and in my heart. So I'm so excited about where we're going to win this game and where I wanted to do the dirty stuff that a lot of people don't like, which will make me an ever better teammate who can help us win games.

He is also a highly respected baseball pitcher who has a 1.94 ERA in high school. His experience as a pitcher gives him a big hand - at eye level and coordinator to see through. He has really developed into a very good three-point scorer which will give him even more versatility on the pitch. Zoom was called this spring, and I really believe it will be a big part of what we're building here at K-State.

He has a career .505 batting average in 34 games played for the Blue Knights, with 25 runs scored and 22 hits. He has collected 18 double-doubles this season and scored nine double-doubles this season, including two three-point shots in the first game of the regular season against St. John's S. S., London. They have four games with 20 or more points and also have nine games with 20-plus points, which means they have scored at least 20 points in five of their last six games. She also had three games in which she went nine games with 10-or-more points and a triple-double in her last two games as a senior.

Landers has amassed 28 double points and rebounds this season, including 18 as the second-best player in 2018-19. He averaged 18.8 points (360.0 percent) and 14.5 rebounds in 24 games for the Blue Knights. She also has 462 hits - at-bats, scoring 10 runs, with 11 doubles, three triples and four homers in her career.

He has averaged 14.2 points and 6.5 rebounds per game for the Blue Knights this season and is rated the third-highest player on the team and second-best player in Wisconsin State by 247Sports.

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More About Cedarburg